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Everimpact joins the EU Accelerator FIWARE

Everimpact was selected among of 352 EU companies to join the EU startup accelerator FIC-3, part of the EU Acceleration Program FIWARE. Our company will be be supported by the EU to develop its Smart City Platform.

FI-C3's aim is to promote projects by SMEs and web-entrepreneurs relating to innovative products/services in three business domains: smart territories (smart city guides; smart city platforms; smart city services...), media & contents (multimedia augmented reality; transmedia/crossmedia devices; video games...), and care & well-being (smart home; indoor position; personalized connected media...).

Sixteen FIWARE accelerators are in charge of delivering the European Commission's 80 M€ of direct funding, mentoring and networking that will allow to create innovative Internet applications and startups.

Everimpact is very pleased to collaborate with FIC-3 and FIWARE


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