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Cor-an Case study
Monitoring Agroforestry fields in South East Asia 

Cor-an holdings.PNG

Satellite based analysis of the carbon sequestration of Moringa plantations





Cor-an is a Japanese company committed to building a better future for the planet through the support of nature based solutions. Cor-an helps Moringa farmers in SouthEast Asia create products based on this tree and provides assistance in managing their fields. Cor-an was looking for a reliable solution to monitor the carbon sequestration of this agroforestry project and get access to funding via carbon credits.


Cor-an selected Everimpact for their deep expertise in agroforestry and their advanced, satellite based, carbon measurement platform.

For the pilot project, Everimpact will analyze satellite photos of the land, both current and historical, to accurately measure the carbon sequestration of the Moringa fields over the next  years.



The certified CO2 sequestration amount will be converted into carbon credits that Cor-an will sell on voluntary carbon markets.

In the future, this carbon sequestration measurement solution should be applied to other lands managed with the support of Cor-an in Asia, Africa or Latin America, generating more funding towards regenerative agroforestry practices in these regions.

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