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Site carbon monitoring - Case study
Monitoring carbon emissions of highways  

Taxi On Road

Monitoring highways to measure scope 3 emissions, prior to scaling a decarbonization plan




A highway operator in Southern Europe needed accurate measurement of their CO2 Scope 3 emissions on a portion of their infrastructure. 

This would help establish a baseline of emissions of current traffic patterns to assess the potential benefits of several decarbonization measures including deploying EV charging stations.


Everimpact was chosen to monitor the carbon emission of a portion of the highway during 6 months combining the following data;

  1. 6 fixed ground sensors deployed on 23km of highway

  2. CO2 emissions data is collected from sensors every 30 seconds

  3. The highway operator’s traffic volume data is also analyzed


Everimpact identified which carbon emissions were originating from the highway versus emissions from the surrounding areas analyzing satellite data and wind patterns.



The project allowed to compare Everimpact’s measurement methodology with the highway operator’s current calculation and estimation based methodology.

Everimpact set up a scope 3 emission dashboard for the highway operator providing real-time data.

Aerial View of Flyover Bridges
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