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City carbon monitoring - Dijon Case study
Monitoring live carbon emissions of an entire city


How Dijon became the 1st city to monitor CO2 emissions in real time




Dijon is not only the capital of the famous French Burgundy wine region, but also one of the leading European cities tackling climate change. 

In 2021, Dijon was selected along 100 cities by the European Commission to join its NetZeroCities initiative, aiming at reaching climate neutrality by 2030. 


The city had an ambitious climate plan but did not have a precise and cost effective way to track their carbon emissions.

Like many cities, Dijon was also looking for capital to finance their emission reductions plans.


In February 2022, Everimpact installed 75 ground CO2 sensors across the city. Through Everimpact’s platform, the emissions data collected from these sensors is combined with satellite and AI, to measure in near real-time, the carbon emissions and sequestration in real time. 

Thanks to wind data provided by satellite, emissions measured by sensors are allocated back to their source - mobility, industry, buildings and waste facilities.

Now that an emissions baseline has been established, Everimpact’s solution allows city managers to assess the impact of various decarbonization policies laid out on their Climate plans and track their progress in real time.


Dijon has become the world’s first city to track both live air quality and CO2 emissions in real time. This insight allows them to track progress in real time on their climate plans.

This certified emissions data will help Dijon access climate finance - trusted carbon markets and green bonds.

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