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Green finance

How green are your green investments?

Deploy green capital with proven impact, backed by accurate carbon data

Design credible financial products

Real-time, certified carbon data underpins the design of high-quality financial instruments: taxes, users' charges, fees and levies, capital markets (green bonds / loans), carbon markets 

Verify the impact of your green investments 

Forecast and monitor the precise carbon emissions and sequestration of your projects over time 

Minimize reputational risk

Channel capital into projects with a provable and certified climate impact.

How do we do this?

We provide accurate, live emissions and sequestration data (scope 1) with a territorial approach, using satellite, ground sensors and AI

Emissions or sequestration are allocated to their sources (buildings, transport, industrial activities, green spaces…) based on weather analysis

We are developing a urban transport emissions methodology with Verra, with funding from ADB, European Commission and EIT mobility

Case studies


Monitoring Agroforestry in South-East Asia

How Dijon became the 1st city to monitor CO2 emissions in real time to unlock climate finance

Image by Zhu Yunxiao

Monitoring highways to measure scope 3 emissions, prior to scaling a decarbonization plan

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