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Shipping carbon monitoring 
Monitoring real time carbon emissions onboard vessels


Direct measurement of  carbon emissions onboard vessels 




Understanding carbon emissions of vessels is increasingly important as new stringent environmental regulations kick in. Current available information relies on calculations to estimate these emissions with little cross-check with what has actually been emitted. 


As an example Vespucci Maritime simulated with 4 different carriers the carbon emissions of a cargo using the same vessel and the same route. The returned results were inconsistent, the highest estimate being 3 times higher than the lowest estimate.  


Direct measurement of carbon emissions increases trust in data, mitigates reporting and financial risks, provides insights on the effectiveness of energy-efficiency measures and supports the financing of decarbonization projects. 

Cargo Ship at Sea


Everimpact is partnering with eight maritime and supply chain leaders through an engineering collaboration and a seed finance round to bring its carbon measuring solution onboard commercial vessels and ports.

IoT sensors installed on the exhaust stacks of ships capture actual CO2 data, which will be visible live through an online dashboard. 

The solution is trialed on Mitsubishi Corporation Group vessel and is available through our Early Adopter Program. 



  • Accurate and real-time carbon emissions measurements  

  • Automated, independent and trusted reporting.

  • Reliable data to define CCI rating and EU ETS tax amount  

  • Monitoring effectiveness of emissions reductions (CO2 and methane)

  • Certified data to access premium carbon markets.

“We believe this project will help transform the maritime industry into one that is more transparent and reliable for carbon emission monitoring and reporting. This solution offers great potential for the industry at large to create value for supply chains around the world."

Takafumi Oka,
General Manager of Ship Dept., Mitsubishi Corporation
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