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Cargo Ship at Sea

Join our shipping emissions measurement
Early Adopter Program

Everimpact’s early adopter program aims to enroll 5 ships  for a trial of our onboard emissions measurement solution. Applications are open until end of April 2023. 

Why join our Early Adopter Program (EAP)?
Stay ahead of fast changing regulation

By joining our pilot, you will be pioneering an innovative solution to better prepare you for the adoption of new regulations such as the Carbon Intensity Indicator rating kicking in 2023 and the inclusion of maritime emissions in the EU Emissions Trading Systems in the next two years.

Save on tax and reporting costs

Our solution combining sensors and dashboards automates the traditionally cumbersome process of reporting your emissions.

We believe, based on experience in other industries and engine modeling, that  the emissions measured by our sensor based monitoring solution could be significantly lower - up to 10%- than those calculated through the traditional estimates based methods using fuel consumption and emissions factors.

A simple model based on conservative estimates predicts that our solution could save over €500k on tax for a ship sailing in European waters for the period from 2024 to 2026.


Download our EAP eligibility criteria and FAQ list

Privacy policy

We want to be clear on why we need your contact details and how we will use them. Please review and confirm you agree to our privacy policy.

Thanks for requesting our EAP documentation. Check your inbox to access it.

Accelerate your decarbonisation

Our monitoring solution will also help reduce emissions by allowing you to monitor in real time the effect of several energy efficiency measures onboard vessels and test the real impact of measures like green fuels.


What type of ships are eligible?


The first vessel to be equipped by our solution is Pyxis Ocean, owned by Mitsubishi Corporation Group.

We are looking to enroll large commercial vessels sailing in and out of European waters. Download our full eligibility criteria list for more details.

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A free, no-obligation opportunity to see exactly what Everimpact carbon monitoring solution can do for YOUR ships.

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