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Nature based solutions monitoring


Optimize your land's carbon impact and value with cutting-edge, satellite-based insight

The climate emergency requires to massively step up decarbonization as well as sequestration from natural carbon sinks. We need to end deforestation, restore forests and scale up regenerative agriculture.


Smarter data can empower both land managers and carbon investors to work together towards these goals.

Advanced monitoring and analysis technologies empower land owners, managers and investors to sustainably manage their land.  They can also maximize its carbon storage and value, leveraging traditional revenue streams and high-quality carbon markets.

land owners

Advanced monitoring for forestry and agroforestry owners 


Carbon and biodiversity monitoring


We track past, current and future carbon emissions and sequestrations in the biomass and soil of your forest or agro-forestry assets to establish reliable baselines and forecasts. 

We track tree species and age.

We can track land use changes to help comply with the new EU law on deforestation free products.


Our remote sensing based technology monitors the net carbon storage of your assets in near real time. You can immediately spot wildfires and logging. 

Forestry planning guidance


We advise you on how to adapt your forestry practices to soil and climate change (increased temperatures, drought and risk of fires).

You can act to optimize the value and carbon sequestration of your asset as well as comply with voluntary carbon market requirements.

We do this by combining data from satellites and climate change IPCC models with our team's extensive experience in regenerative agriculture and forestry.


Carbon certification and monetization


We certify projects to the highest local or international standards such as VCS.

We can connect forest owners and carbon buyers to facilitate the sale of high integrity carbon credits.  

Carbon buyers

Verified, real-time project data for carbon buyers


High-quality project origination

Screen the best potential project areas using remote sensing.


Understand past changes in land use, accurate carbon emissions and sequestration.


Forecast future carbon sequestration potential.


Back the additionality claim of future carbon credit projects with independent earth observation data.

Continous quality assurance


Continuously monitor the real carbon emissions and sequestration of your projects, using remote sensing.

Spot and manage logging and wildfires in real time. 

Identify optimal forestry planning to maximize long term carbon storage.

Back the permanence claim of existing carbon credit projects with independent earth observation data.

Save time and money in your land's monitoring and reporting activities.

Data Analyst

Carbon finance marketplace

Access and purchase with confidence high quality forestry and agro forestry carbon credits from Everimpact’s portfolio.

A unique combination of data and skills

our technology

Satellite data

Climate change models

Forest inventory











Carbon sequestration over time (past, present, future

Optimal land management

Sustainable forestry and agriculture expertise




PDD support

Access to carbon buyers 

Forestry and agroforestry monitoring case studies

Our partners

Monitoring Agroforestry fields in South East Asia

Green Forest

Monitoring Japanese community forests 

In partnership with Hitachi Systems  

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Watch our webinar to understand how advanced monitoring solutions can help you analyze the past, present and future condition of your forest and inform regenerative forestry practices that will maximise long term health and carbon sequestration. 

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