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Transport networks


Monitor a transport network to assess its real contribution to the territory decarbonization

Mass Rapid Transit
Low Emission Zones
City-wide network

Why use advanced monitoring for transport networks

Tedious, manual process

The limits of existing estimation-based methods

Models and estimates lack accuracy and relevancy​ to a fast changing network

Outdated data

Hard to assess contribution to city decarbonization

Benefits of Everimpact's site carbon measurement​

Monitor your networks’ emissions accurately and in real time

Track your progress against your decarbonization goals

Understand and communicate your carbon reduction contribution to stakeholders. 

How it works


Network inspection and design of monitoring system


Once ground sensors are installed, monitoring starts


Analysis of wind and satellite data to identify emissions originating from your network



Emissions dashboard where you can see, in real time, the impact of your transport policies

Case study

Taxi On Road

Monitoring Highway emissions in southern Europe

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