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Everimpact closes €1.711M seed round to better measure and monetise carbon emissions

We are excited to announce we just closed a €1.711M seed funding round with the investment of EIT Urban mobility. The closure of this round, led by Motion ventures, will allow us to accelerate our mission to better measure carbon emissions while enabling cities and high emitters to fund impactful climate projects.

The round includes international organisations, transport companies and impact investors; EU Commission (Climate-Kic and EIT Urban Mobility), Asian Development Bank (ADB Ventures), Transport Companies' VSs and Corporate VCs (Motion Ventures, Wilhelmsen, Transport Capital, IMC Ventures, MOL PLUS, Blue Star Group) and Impact investors (Rainmaking Impact).

Today, everyone has their eyes on GHG emissions but one of the most important global KPI is mainly self-reported by emitters, based on approximative and dated estimates.

At Everimpact, we believe that what gets measured gets managed and carbon data is no exception.

That's why we welcome this investment and backing from leading investors, institutions and transport industry leaders to help us further develop our solutions:

· Our carbon Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform which allows cities and organisations to measure GHG emissions more accurately and in real time, in cities and on shipping vessels, thanks to satellite, ground sensors, and AI data.

· Our carbon monetisation solution; by certifying carbon emissions and sequestration data, we allow cities and industries to better identify reduction opportunities and access climate finance to fund projects with a proven climate impact.

We already have some great projects in cities in Dijon (France) and Birgminham, Harrow (UK) to monitor and monetise their emissions, in Japan, to monitor carbon sequestration in municipal forests, in partnership with Hitachi Systems.

The funding will be used to grow our amazing team, our carbon monitoring and monetisation solutions in cities and expand the shipping measurement capability currently trialled on a Mitsubishi Corporation Group vessel – by the way we are looking for other shipping companies to join our Early Adopter Program!

Cities and high emitters have a crucial role to play to accelerate the transition to a low carbon world. Thanks to our carbon tracking system, they are now able to move away from estimates to monitor their carbon footprint in real time, identify the best opportunities to cut emissions, and access new funding for their decarbonisation projects.

Mathieu Carlier, CEO and Founder at Everimpact


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