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EU selects Everimpact to be part of a restricted circle of 15 champions startups

Today, it is with great pleasure that we announce that Everimpact has passed another important milestone in the EU Acceleration Program:  Everimpact was selected to be part of a restricted circle of 15 champions startups

By the numbers, this was a very competitive review made by the European Commission: 

  • 5,000+ applications were received by the 16 accelerators to join the EU Acceleration program 

  • 300+ startups got funded and joined one of the 16 accelerators either in the 2014 or 2015 batches

  • Out of those 300s, 15 were selected to the restricted circle of champion startups

The 15 selected startups that will receive special support form the European Commission are: 

EverimpactSensapeInReceptionLeeluuParcellabZebraAlzhUpUmanickOEEXUsustyMeasuranceIntoinoDonkey RepublicUrbi and NeuroAtHome.

The next stop is Milano, Italy, where we will be introduced to prestigious guests/mentors/trainers/entrepreneurs/investors, and where we will discuss the way forward for Everimpact with the EU. 

In the meantime, we are finalising other exciting collaborations, stay tuned.

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