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BT partners with Everimpact on breakthrough environmental monitoring tech

BT today announced that it will integrate Everimpact's climate monitoring system into BT’s street furniture estate, such as BT’s next generation Street Hub units, payphone kiosks or CCTV sites, to provide actionable environmental insights for local councils.

The solution will combine Everimpact’s satellite data and AI technology with air quality and CO2 data collated via sensors on BT’s street furniture. The local council will be able to access the data via a ‘Smart City Dashboard’ where they will be able to track emissions, and receive certified carbon offsetting information, enabling local councils to generate funds for their decarbonisation efforts.

Dean Terry, MD Corporate and Public Sector at BT, said: “As the world looks to recover from the current health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19, we have an opportunity to accelerate the transition to a greener society, working in partnership with Government, business and society as they look at how they need to adapt and change their business models in the evolving digital world.

“We also appreciate that BT cannot do this alone, with our track record in helping to incubate innovative start-ups/scale ups, such as iOpt and Everimpact, we look forward to bringing the best of our innovative ecosystem to support local councils on their journey towards Net Zero.”

“We are excited to be working with BT to equip their street furniture with our innovative technology to monitor and reduce carbon emissions" said Mathieu Carlier, CEO of Everimpact. "This will help local authorities monitor their carbon footprint in real-time, identify the best opportunities to cut emissions, and access new funding for the necessary investments. At scale, the UK could become the first nation to continuously monitor carbon emissions over its entire territory. This would boost its goal of net zero by 2050."


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