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Presenting our carbon monitoring solution to Japan Economy Minister

Last week in Station F in Paris, we had the honor of presenting our carbon monitoring solution to Japan Economy Minister, Nishimura, and 15 Japanese start-ups seeking to expand abroad.

The meeting served as an opportunity to showcase our successful partnerships with Japanese organizations, discuss Japan's ambitious decarbonization goals and their emphasis on maximizing carbon sequestration from their vast forests.

During the meeting, our CEO Mathieu Carlier, presented our real-time monitoring of carbon emissions and sequestration monitoring solution.

He explained how our accurate and real-time data, powered by satellite and ground sensors, helps cities and organizations from various sectors take effective actions and access climate finance to combat climate change.

Forest monitoring partnership with Hitachi Systems

The minister mentioned Japan's strong goals to decarbonize their economy and maximize sequestration from their immense forests - forests cover 67% of Japan's total land area.

One particular highlight of the discussion was Everimpact's collaboration with Hitachi Systems to monitor Japanese forests. The partnership aims to optimize the health of the forests, enhance carbon sequestration, and maximize the overall carbon value of this natural sink. By leveraging Everimpact's advanced monitoring capabilities, Japan can adapt forestry practices to maximize the sequestration potential of its immense forests, access carbon finance, and increase the contribution of land carbon sinks to the nation's climate goals.

Shipping emissions monitoring with Mitsubishi

Another significant partnership presented during the meeting was our collaboration with Mitsubishi Corporation Group and MOL PLUS (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd)

Together, we are working on precisely monitoring maritime carbon emissions, and have installed our onboard monitoring solution on one of their vessels. More information can be found on our maritime case study and early adopter program to trial the solution.

As we prepare for a trade visit to Japan in June, it was a great opportunity to explore further opportunities to accelerate decarbonization with start-ups and Japanese government officials.


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