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Maritime emissions monitoring

Measure and report your ships’ actual onboard emissions, in real-time 

Our IoT sensors installed on the exhaust stacks measure actual GHG (CO2, CH4, CO, NO, NO2 and SO2), live data is available on a dashboard.
GHG sensors
Developed with maritime leaders
For large
commercial vessels

Why use advanced emissions monitoring for your ships

The limits of existing estimation-based methods

Models and estimates lack accuracy 

Inacurate, outdated data makes it hard to monitor impact of decarbonization measures

Costly, manual reporting process

Benefits of Everimpact's onboard emissions measurement​

Accurately measure emissions in real time with our unique hardware and platform

Identify and monitor impactful energy-efficiency improvements

Get high integrity, independently certified reduction data for more credible reporting

Reduce carbon tax

Join our shipping emissions measurement
Early Adopter Program

Applications open until April 2023. 
Everimpact aims to enroll 5 innovative ship owners / operators by the end of April 2023, for a trial of our onboard emissions measurement solution.  

Cargo Ship at Sea

EU Carbon Tax savings calculator 
Measured GHG emissions may be 5 to 10% lower than estimated ones. Calculate how much you could save by installing our onboard emissions measurement solution.

Case study

Image by Shaah Shahidh

Monitoring Shipping Emissions onboard vessels

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