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Accelerating decarbonization with reliable carbon tracking


Cities and businesses need the right data to deliver Net Zero

Cities and companies are expected to lead the transition to a low carbon world because of the scale of their GHG emissions and their power to take action.
But how can they accelerate their emissions reductions, be held accountable and access capital with estimated, self-reported carbon data?

Our solution

Measuring area-based GHG emissions to finance climate actions


Physically monitor your area's carbon emissions and sequestration in real time with our platform combining satellite and ground data.


Identify GHG reduction opportunities and achieve your climate goals.


Get access to climate finance to fund your decarbonization projects. 

How it works

Our Carbon monitoring system makes area-based emissions easy to monitor in real time. Live data from satellites, ground sensors, traffic, buildings and other IoT devices, are combined into one platform.


Your own dashboard shows actual historical and forecasted GHG data, which allows to identify actionable reduction opportunities, track and report progress on your climate goals. 

With this certified emissions and reduction data, you can unlock climate finance - green bonds, loans, carbon markets...

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Our case studies

Find out how cities and businesses use our unique data to monitor and reduce carbon emissions.

Start measuring your GHG emissions now.

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