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Webinar - Sept 26th and 28th

Future proofing forests with satellite data and regenerative forestry practices

Join our webinar to understand how advanced monitoring solutions can help you analyze the past, present and future condition of your forest and inform regenerative forestry practices that will maximizee long term health and carbon sequestration. 



Welcome and speakers' intros 

Overview of advanced, scalable forest monitoring approaches

  • Analyzing your past and present forest health, carbon and forestry practices

    • Land use changes over time using historical satellite imagery

    • Current biomass, trees species, age, inventory

    • Past and current carbon sequestration 

    • Using ground data to validate satellite data and calibrate models

  • Forecasting your forest evolution 

    • Simulating the impact of climate change with climate models

    • Future biomass and carbon sequestration

    • Risk detection


Future-proofing your forest with regenerative forestry practices


Case study: Regenerating an old Japanese Forest and paving the way for carbon credits 




Dates & Times

  • EUR / ASIA live session > 26th September 23,  11am CET

  • AMERICAS live session > 28th September 23, 12pm EST

  • A recording will be available to attendees


Alain Retiere, Chief Technology Officer

Alain has spend four decades supporting sustainable development in more than 120 countries. He has led two UN satellite agencies and advised various sustainable development organizations on land and forest regeneration. 


Sei Cabrol, Chief Product Officer

Sei is passionate about finding innovative solutions to preserve and restore life on Earth, and to inspire and empower others to do the same. He has a strong background in aerospace, earth observation, mobility and software industries.

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