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Earth from Space

Our solutions

Stop estimating your emissions.
Start measuring and monetizing them with our best in class carbon monitoring technology.

Our leading software platform helps cities and industries measure, reduce, and monetize their GHG emissions.

We measure emissions and sequestration accurately and in real time with satellite imagery, big data and sensors.

We then certify the data to the highest standards and find high profile carbon offset buyers.

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Satellite Data

Data from a growing range of dedicated GHG satellites.

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Ground Data

Data from sensors, traffic, buildings and other IoT devices.

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Climate monitoring platform

Unique GHG emissions (CO2 and CH4) data from satellites, sensors, traffic, buildings and other IoT devices, all combined into one platform.



Our platform collects petabytes of data to give you actionable insights on carbon emissions reduction and sequestration. 

for Cities



Cities represent 70% of emissions and only 1% of the voluntary carbon market.

Without a proper solution to measure GHG emissions accurately, cities are struggling to finance their reduction projects through the carbon markets, missing out on a $50 Billion market to fund their climate actions (Source: McKinsey report).

How Everimpact helps cities

Measure carbon  emissions and sequestration (urban trees and forests) in real time, across the city territory

Identify impactful GHG reduction opportunities

Automate data capture, save time in collection and reporting

Finance certified reduction projects through carbon markets

For Maritime sector

Maritime sector 



Shipping accounts for 3% of global GHG emissions. The industry is under pressure to deliver on  its commitment of a 40% emissions reduction by 2030, while navigating the tightening of sustainability regulation and customer requirements.

Our solution is currently available through an early adopter program.

How Everimpact helps


Measure and visualise ships’ actual onboard emissions (carbon dioxide and methane) in real time with our unique hardware and platform, which automate data capture


Identify and monitor impactful GHG energy-efficiency improvements


Get high integrity, independently certified reduction data for more credible reporting 


Reduce carbon tax and the cost of decarbonisation through carbon markets

Cargo Ship at Port
Image by Ellie Meh

Infrastructures and industries 



All industries and infrastructures from Oil & Gas to highways have high decarbonisation challenges, which imply transforming their business model and implementing new low-carbon technologies

Moving away from estimated and self-reported GHG data will enable them to establish more credible reporting and transition plans while unlocking access to climate finance.

How Everimpact helps


Measure CO2 and methane emissions accurately and in real time

Automate data capture, save time in collection and reporting


Identify and monitor impactful carbon reductions

Get independent and untampered data, for more credible reporting


Carbon finance


Green finance and carbon offsets are critical instruments in the transition to Net Zero. However, to deliver real climate impact, more integrity and higher quality assurance are required. 

Certified emissions and sequestration data is key to build trust. 

How Everimpact helps


Access a marketplace of high quality carbon offsets in your desired territories and sectors, with verified and certified real time data

Monitor the carbon sequestration of your forestry projects


Monitor the real carbon impact of your loans and investments over time

Oxygen Cities

Our partners

We have developed several successful partnerships with major players across sectors and geographies. 

We are scaling up our impact by developing new applications and rolling them out globally through partnerships. ​

Get in touch if you would like to partner with us to create new services and revenue streams.

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