Everimpact to track CO2 in the Port of Duisburg

The Port of Duisburg (Duisport) is the world's largest inland port and the leading logistics hub in central Europe. A total of 30 million consumers live within a radius of only 150 kilometers, and more than 20,000 ships and 25,000 trains are processed every year.

Startport, a strong partnership for innovation in the maritime and logistics sectors

In order to promote innovations in logistics, Duisport founded the innovation platform “Startport” together with partners from the industry. The aim is to develop the logistics solutions of tomorrow.

Startport pursues an open partner model and is supported in terms of content and finances by regional players such as Duisport, Duisburg Intermodal Terminal, Bohnen Logistik, the RAG Foundation, the Initiativkreis Ruhr, Borussia Dortmund, and the Duisburg business operations. They support the startups as sparring partners and users - a win-win situation that makes Duisburg an innovative location.

Piloting the Everimpact's carbon tracking system

Now in its sixth year, the innovation platform Startport accepts 31 new startups from the logistics and supply chain sector. In the next twelve months, Startport will support Everimpact through workshops and individual coaching in initiating pilot projects and networking with implementing partners.

The solution will combine Everimpact’s satellite data, sensors, and AI technology to track carbon emissions in the Port of Duisburg. Everimpact's CO2 dashboard and data certification program will enable the port, partners, and the city of Duisburg to reduce emissions and generate funds for their decarbonisation efforts.

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